The following pubs have a brewery on the premises.

Suburban brewpub.

Two house beers and eight (good) guest beers.

Nota Bene  Fred Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday Brewpub.

Restaurant upstairs with 6 taps, now reportedly serving house brewed beers. The Beerpoint Bar downstairs has guest beers (open from 5pm)

Prague's first brewpub. Can be full of tourist groups at times. Non smoking room.

Food comes from the very good restaurant of the same name next door. Beer is served on ceramic coasters.

New brewpub. (though beers are currently contract brewed).

Pivovar Lod'  Full menu New entry in the Guide in 2016 Brewpub.

Brewpub on a boat at the Štefánikův most (Štefanik Bridge)

Brewpub in the Lužiny shopping mall.

Suburban brewpub opened in 2014.

Non smoking room.

Suburban brewpub

Opened 1998, one of the older brewpubs in Prague.

Also known as Richter Brewery

Formerly Pražský Most U Valsů

a/k/a Beznoska Minipivovar. Restaurant with a brewery.

Prague's smallest brewpub. Non smoking room.

U Fleků  Full menu Brewpub.

Classic Prague beerhall now a bit of a tourist trap. Still listed because of its historical significance (brewing since 1499) and sentimental value. Beware if they offer you a schnapps when you sit down -- it is not free (quite expensive, actually).

The regular beer hall (opens 11:30am) has just Budvar and Budvar Dark. The "Pivni Bar" (opens 4pm) has in addition unfiltered Budvar and the Budvar 10º. Way in the back is a small brewery that brews some interesting stronger beers.

The Three Roses