Pubs on the To Do List

These are pubs that we haven't yet visited (or haven't visited recently) but have been recommended by readers. If you have been to any of them, please leave some comments.

Old school video games and pinball and some decent beer. Únětice 10° & 12º plus Pilsner Urquell and a rotating tap.

Valašská Pivnice  Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. On the To Do List

Beers from the Bon brewery

The Craft  New entry in the Guide in 2017 On the To Do List

Burger restaurant with supposedly some interesting beers.

U Klokočníka  Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. On the To Do List

Locals pub with beers from Pivovar Kácov? Or now Bernard.

Suburban brewpub.

Restaurant in an old Monastary. They serve some beers from the brewery next door. Brewery is open 10-6 weekdays.

Tiny pub with 4 taps from small breweries. From reports, Únětické 12º seems standard with the others rotating. Claims to use no CO2 (or N2) so hopefully all the beers are Key Kegs (or gravity barrels). You can order food from the Curry Palace restaurant next door.

Smoking allowed but Monday and Wednesday may be non-smoking.

Suburban brewpub

Bar Chýše  Full menu New entry in the Guide in 2016 On the To Do List

Only snacks and appetizers served on Sunday.

Suburban brewpub opened in 2014.

a/k/a Beznoska Minipivovar. Restaurant with a brewery.