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Restaurant serving 5 varieties of Budvar

Small, bare bones Pilsner Urquell pub. Said by some locals to have the freshest Urquell in town.

Rotating taps from the Krkonos region.

Basement bar with 6 rotating taps from small Czech breweries. Typical Czech bar snacks available.

Food comes from the very good restaurant of the same name next door. Beer is served on ceramic coasters.

New brewpub. (though beers are currently contract brewed).

Non smoking room.

Formerly Pražský Most U Valsů

New, larger location near the Charles Bridge but pretty much unchanged otherwise as to beer selection. Taster flights available.

Prague's smallest brewpub. Non smoking room.

U Klokočníka  Full menu New entry in the Guide in 2017 Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. On the To Do List

Locals pub with beers with four taps from Bernard and three rotating taps.

Known for its great selection of bottled Czech beer. Daily beer tasting at 6pm.

The regular beer hall (opens 11:30am) has just Budvar and Budvar Dark. The "Pivni Bar" (opens 4pm) has in addition unfiltered Budvar and the Budvar 10º. Way in the back is a small brewery that brews some interesting stronger beers.

The Three Roses

Classic Pilsener Urquell pub

Part social club, part pub a rambling multi room place where you are likely to find a poetry reading, some local musicians jamming or a foosball tournament. Únětické 10º and 12º plus rotating taps.

Zlý Časy A Fred top pick  Full menu WiFi available

Three different bars in one building, each with different taps. Attached bottle shop.

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