Pubs near I.P. Pavlova Metro station

Serviced by: C line

Blah Blah Craft Beer & Coffee  WiFi available Closed Sunday New entry in the Guide in 2018 Coffee shop with draft beer.
Temporarily closed

Not to be confused with the nearby Blah Blah Bar which is mostly a cocktail bar. Tap list is dominated by Matuška.

Kavárna Pražírna  WiFi available Closed Sunday Open 11am or earlier New entry in the Guide in 2018 Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. Coffee shop with draft beer.

Coffee shop and coffee roaster that has a tap or two dedicated to small Czech breweries.

New location with fewer taps and no kitchen.

NUBEERBAR  Full menu WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2017

Newish pub specializing in Czech craft beer.

Pivovarský Dům  Full menu Closed Sunday Open 11am or earlier Brewpub.
Temporarily closed

Opened 1998, one of the older brewpubs in Prague.

U Šumavy  Fred Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Open 11am or earlier New entry in the Guide in 2017

Same owners as U Vodoucha and U Slovanske Lipy and pretty much identical layout of the pub. More taps, though.