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I realize it is a bit pretentious for somebody who lives in Los Angeles to do a web site on Good Beer Pubs in Prague. But I hope you will find this guide useful in any case.

I've tried to include a mix of both modern multi-tap pubs and more traditional places that may only serve a beer or two. The good news is most of the larger regional breweries in the Czech Republic brew decent beer compared to their counterparts in other countries. I've also included some pubs that might not be on many peoples top lists but showcase beers from different regional breweries that might otherwise be hard to find.

Like any other business, pubs open and go out of business on a regular basis. Before setting out on a long trek, please call ahead to make sure they are still open (or check the website, though sometimes the website lives longer than the business)

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Regions in Prague

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Fred Top Pick
Fred Honorable Mention
Full menu
Live Music
WiFi available
Closed Saturday
Closed Sunday
Closed Monday
Closed Tuesday
Closed Thursday
Open 11am or earlier
Brewery tap, may have limited hours
New entry in the Guide in 2015
New entry in the Guide in 2016
New entry in the Guide in 2017
New entry in the Guide in 2018
New entry in the Guide in 2019
New entry in the Guide in 2020
New entry in the Guide in 2021
New entry in the Guide in 2022
New entry in the Guide in 2023
Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.
Seasonal Pubs
Specializes in Belgian Beers
Specializes in American Beers
Bottle shop with onsite drinking
On the To Do List
Coffee shop with draft beer.