Brewery tap, may have limited hours

These are brewery taps. They may have limited hours and may only be open limited days. Please call or check their website before traveling.

After years of contract brewing, Bad Flash now has their own brewery and tap room.

There are actually two drinking places in the monastery courtyard. The original Šenk which is a restaurant and the new Sypka (Granary) which is more of a tap room with limited food selection (weekdays from 2pm, weekends from 10am)

Tap room for the Hostomice brewery

Burger restaurant that seems to be a tap room for Crazy Clown brewery of Brno.

Tap room for Pivovar Trilobit

Tap room and beer garden for the WildCock brewery. Open year round.

The "Three Pears" is the second Prague taproom of Pivovar Hostomice. Early reports say it is pretty much a copy of the original.

Švihlý krám  Closed Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday Brewery tap, may have limited hours New entry in the Guide in 2021 On the To Do List

Taproom for Pivovar Švihov in Loket. The brewer is Dutch and their beers are in the Dutch and Belgian tradition.

Turnovská Pivnice  Full menu Open 11am or earlier Brewery tap, may have limited hours New entry in the Guide in 2022 Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. On the To Do List

Tap room for Pivovar Turnov

Restaurant that acts as a tap room for Pivovar Moravský Žižkov, a brewery in Moravia.

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