Closed Saturday

The following pubs are closed on Saturday.

Cafe and deli with goods from the Šumavě region.

Rotating taps from the Krkonos region.

Mrtvá Ryba  Fred Honorable Mention Full menu Closed Saturday

Student pub near the Charles University botanical gardens.

Tap room for Aldersbacher beers, plus others. Bavarian and Czech beers and snacks. Entrance around the corner on Milíčova

Bottle shop with a few taps for drinking. It has moved about a block from it's previous location

Bottle shop with four taps

Cellar bar right at Jiřího z Poděbrad Metro. The former Pivní šenk U Kacíře, not sure if it is just a name change or reflects new ownership.

Putica  Full menu WiFi available Closed Saturday Closed Sunday New entry in the Guide in 2018

Burger and Tapas restaurant on the ground floor of the Retro Prague House music venue, off of Náměstí Míru. Was reportedly closed but now appears to be back. Not sure if the Únětické is still tankovna.

Švihlý krám  Closed Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday Brewery tap, may have limited hours New entry in the Guide in 2021 On the To Do List

Taproom for Pivovar Švihov in Loket. The brewer is Dutch and their beers are in the Dutch and Belgian tradition.

Bookstore with a small bar with four taps of interesting beer.

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