Pubs on the To Do List

These are pubs that we haven't yet visited (or haven't visited recently) but have been recommended by readers. If you have been to any of them, please leave some comments.

Upscale bar in the very posh Augustine Hotel. Main reason to visit is 14° Svatotomášský Ležák, brewed by Matuška

Bar Chýše  Full menu New entry in the Guide in 2016 On the To Do List

Only snacks and appetizers served on Sunday.

Café Decada  Full menu WiFi available Open 11am or earlier New entry in the Guide in 2019 Coffee shop with draft beer. On the To Do List

Cozy coffee shop with four interesting taps.

New quirky pub on the eastern edge of Vinohrady.

Kbelský pivovar  Full menu WiFi available New entry in the Guide in 2019 Brewpub. On the To Do List

Brewpub near the airport.

Marpek Whisky  Closed Sunday New entry in the Guide in 2019 Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. On the To Do List

Technically a private club, they sell two week memberships for 20 Kč (about one US dollar). While mostly a place for spirits they do have three hand pumps with interesting beers.

Na Lochkově  Full menu Open 11am or earlier Brewpub. On the To Do List

Restaurant and brewery

24 hour bottle shop located in the Hostel Marabou. Beers are chilled and can be consumed on site.

Second brewery by Hostivar opened in April 2017.

Suburban brewpub near the Horní Počernice train station.

Pivovar Prokopák  Full menu Closed Monday Closed Tuesday Brewpub. New entry in the Guide in 2020 On the To Do List

Suburban brewpub opened Feb 2020

Pivovar Řeporyje  Full menu Open 11am or earlier New entry in the Guide in 2018 Brewpub. On the To Do List

Brewpub in a former cinema.

Suburban brewpub

The "Three Pears" is the second Prague taproom of Pivovar Hostomice

Suburban brewpub opened in 2018

Neighborhood pub with 5 rotating taps from small breweries.

Second tap room for the Prague brewery.

Restaurant in Ladronka Park with a "Brewery in a Container"