Pubs in Karlín

New Bad Flash pub in the Karlín district.

Beer Bottles  Closed Sunday Closed Monday Closed Thursday New entry in the Guide in 2022 Bottle shop with onsite drinking On the To Do List

Bottle shop specializing in Nordic beers. Uncertain if onsite drinking is allowed.

Second bottle shop connected to the pub of the same name. Bottles ready to drink (or take away) and usually a few beers on tap. They also sell homebrewing supplies.

BeerHere  Full menu WiFi available Closed Monday New entry in the Guide in 2022

New (Nov 2022) bar technical in Invalidovna not Karlín

Mexican themed pub and restaurant with rotating taps.

New brewpub that is a joint venture between Adam Matruška and the folks behind the Lokál chain. Behind the Lokál Hamburk

M.A.S.H. themed locals bar right at the Urxova tram stop with beers from Pivovar Holba from Hanušovice. Sign out front says "Non Stop" which usually means "open 24 hours" but that hasn't been confirmed.

Highly recommended restaurant with Matuška beers on draft.

Another location of the Lokál chain. Good food and Pilsner Urquell tankovna.

Burger restaurant with Kocour and Konrad beers.

Pivo Karlin  Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday Open 11am or earlier Brewpub. New entry in the Guide in 2018

New brewpub in the Karlín district. They serve .4L pours instead of the traditional .5L

Pivovarský Klub has reopened as a tap room for the Břevnovský pivovar (Bendict) and will hav Benedict beers on tap and guest beers.

Sedm Stupnu  WiFi available Closed Sunday New entry in the Guide in 2022 Bottle shop with onsite drinking

New bar and bottle shop. The name translates as "Seven Degrees"

U Tunelu  Full menu Closed Saturday Closed Sunday Open 11am or earlier

Locals restaurant near the Karlín side of the pedestrian tunnel to Žižkov. Bring your dictionary (or a Czech friend) as there is no English menu.

Good beer selection with many from Albrecht

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